Oak Orchard River Trip

Planning a trip down Oak Orchard on 4/23/16. Here is a map of the river. Planning on going from “P” to exit point “6”. Anyone make this trip? I will post updated from the experience.


The outing
Dropped in at Slade road for a 3 hour ride down the river to the a townline road exit point. Very few low points and it was very manageable. Nice for a little trip. Figured we would see others on the water, but we were the only two. Looking forward to doing it again.

Its early yet

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That part of Oak Orchard gets quite a bit of paddlers once June starts. I have done it dozens of times. Really nice in the Fall with the color change. At least I now know its clear of fallen trees. Last year in mid April it was completely blocked until some one came by with a chain saw to make a opening.