Oak Orchard Upright - Anybody used one?

I’m still in a quandary on how to carry a canoe or yak on my truck. Has anyone used these?http://www.oakorchardcanoe.com/truckrack2.php

I have a Nissan Frontier with a hardshell tonneau so if I used one of these I’d need to install a bef over my cab which doen’t have a rain gutter or anything. Any advice? TIA

I have used one for a number of years on two Rangers. It works very well. I have a bar across the cab for the front. You can also put a bar across the front of your canopy. Good system.

Appreciate it bac. What did you carry on yours? I’m thinking about a lightweght 14’ canoe.

See em’ everyday GB…
See them everyday up here in NCentral Maine.

I carry a Tempest 165 and a Tempest 170. A 14 ft canoe will be no problem.

Appreciate the info