Oak Orchards SUV Kayak Rollers

Has anyone tried the Oak Orchard SUV Kayak Rollers? http://www.oakorchardcanoe.com/suvroller.htm

I have a Necky Manitou II tandem, and its a great boat. However, at 80 pounds, my wife has a hard time helping me get it atop the SUV. I now load it from the back onto my new saddles and it is easier. But, these rollers look likr they would really help me get the bow over the back top edge of the hatch without worrying about messing up my paint job. I would like some feedback from any owners first though, because they are not overly cheap.

Thanks in advance.

This may be better

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Its big.
I saw this thing and looked at it too. It looks like it would be alot easier with the Oak system and the Oak is alot smaller for storage.

…Note the roller position on the one you are looking at. The roller will help, but is still behind the roof line. You’ll still need to wrestle the yak up to the roller, over the roof.

With the one I showed you, it should be easier to load. The yak will hit the roller BEFORE hitting the roof line, hence you won’t have to hump it over the roof line.

Point noted
Good point. I am new to the sport, and appreciate the insight from more experienced paddlers. Where do the straps hook onto with this unit. In the pic, it looks like they secure to the crossbars?

Not sure

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You may have to check their web site and contact them.

However... read the description I found... It talks about how OTHER roller products must be attached to the rack, which inferes that their's does not need to be attached to the roller.

The Rollerloader is simply THE EASIEST WAY TO LOAD YOUR KAYAK! The Rollerloader is independent of the car rack system and attaches in seconds to the rear or front of your car or SUV using two vacuum suction cups and two anti-slip straps. Although there are other roller products on the market, they all need to attach to the car rack, and more often than not the rack is mounted to far forward on the car to do any good. The Rollerloader weighs less than 10lbs and is only 14" wide and comes fully assembled .. its portable and stores conveniently in your car. Patent Pending.

I Like Mine!
I have two of the similar model mini-rollers that mount to my Thule bar and couldn’t be happier. They were the perfect solution to my loading problems. They may not be cheap but they are well made of quality materials and are worth every penny. There is no reason why the roller in question should not work for you.

Oak Orchard is a very customer oriented operation. Several years ago, I ordered one of their prior model rollers which was said to work with both Thule and Yakima bars but it sat too high for my Thule saddles. I called Oak Orchard about my problem. They were very apologetic, and let me return the roller with no problem. They also advised me that they were designing the (current) mini roller and to watch their website for its availability. Needless to say, I was happy with the mini roller and bought a second one.