Oakley Vented Sunglasses / Fogging???

Any of us who paddle can appreciate that it is hard to keep glasses from fogging, particularly when the water is cold and you do any rolling.

I recently saw that Oakley has come out with vented lenses on some of their newer sport sun glasses (Radar and M Frame). They have small air vents in the top of the lenses intended to provide “a cooling breeze” but I think they are also aimed at preventing fogging.

Has anyone tried these? Do they help keep the glasses from fogging up?



I think yes
Less sure if I’ve used vented glasses for paddling, maybe, but I long used Native shades that were vented for biking. The venting works really well there for sure.

I’ve been wearing M-frames for like 15 years now. I’ve had vented and non-vented and it only makes a very small difference. But sence the vented lens don’t cost any more, thats what I try to get.

Still fog up sometimes
I have vented Water Jackets and several nonvented sunglasses (Oakley and otherwise). The vents don’t make much difference.

If you’re getting steamed up, they’ll fog anyway. Maybe not as soon, or as badly, but they’ll fog up when there’s too much steam being produced too fast for the vents to clear it out.

I think they might make a difference for bicycling, where speed might promote flow-through (as with helmets). But not kayaking speeds.