Oakley Water Jacket Glasses????

Anyone have a pair of these? They look like a good design to prevent fogging. I have always had a problem with sunglasses fogging up when rolling or in surf. The big vents in these glasses appear to provide good ventilation but not sure if that is enough to keep them from fogging up.

Any comments would be appreciated.



Sea Specs?

I own a couple of pairs of Oakleys. I like the looks of the Water Jackets, but I would not be willing to gamble on loosing a pair while sea kayaking. At $199 a pop replacing them could get expensive.

I’m currently using a 20 year-old pair of original Oakley Frog-skins with a home-made eyeglass retainer (from plan in Sea Kayaking mag).

Have you looked at the Sea Specs? They look similar in design to the Water Jackets.


Safe paddling,


Thanks for the link to the SeaSpecs. They look interesting and I was encouraged to see in the FAQ you can get them in prescription.

My current prescription sunglasses fog up badly in the winter when it’s cold out (heat and humidity from my eyeballs) and I’d assume these would be less of a problem.

Would be interested to hear from anyone who’s tried them, or something similar.


I am not worried about losing them. They have a strap on them and I usually wear a helmet in the surf so they will not come off.

What I am wondering about is fogging. Whenever paddling in warm air / cold water and rolling I always get my glasses so fogged that I have to take them off.

Teh vents seem like a good idea, but not sure if they would be truly functional or not…

The vents help some
I have a pair. They still fog up sometimes with hard effort. The built-in strap is a big plus, as is the “black Iridium” lens.

I would not risk using them in surf, as the strap is not intended to keep the glasses on in that kind of impact. There are cheaper knock-offs that also have vents on the lenses–maybe not the same optical quality but are you really going to notice when salty droplets are smearing them anyway?

Great glasses!!!
I got some of the water jackets. Awesome glasses. The vents really work as does the design of the frame which holds the lenses away from your face.

Rolling in warm air (70) and 55 degree water results in little to no fogging. Very impressed.