Observations watching people kayak

I’m just looking at getting into Kayaking with my brother. Today I was at the river on a cycle ride and stopped at an area where I use to go boating as a kid (Long Level right outside Wrightsville PA)

Now I have been researching many types of kayaks and kinda been looking at sit on top versions.

I have been looking at 3 different ones from Emotions. The Mojo, Temptation, and Exilarator. Its funny while I was at the river their is now a new store that sells Kayaks and people where out trying out these 3 kayaks. Great for me thats for sure and lucky to boot.

What I noticed after reading all the reviews on these three kayaks. Now I read from many different people and 90% of the opinions on these three brands I could see are acurate just by watching the people testing them as they where all novices with little to no experaince.

Now what gets me is a few reiviews on these thress different kayaks mentioned about being unstable. Not sure what these reviewers where doing but I see from kinds, women, and men ride all thress of these kayakes I’m looking for and one 300lbs women (well lets say she was alot larger than me and I’m 230 and every version kayak was super stable, effortlessly sliced thru the slighly choppy water from wind and boats and took almost no effort paddling to make them go. All went extremely straight.

The 3 people I wantched in less than 15 minutes effortlessly paddled at least 1 mile across the river to some islands. I couldn’t believe how easy the novice paddler could make these three different kayaks go. I watched others alos test out thes three kayaks go up, down and across the river with just the same effortless paddling.

So my my main observation by just looking is to go with the kayak out of these three that feels the best to me sitting in it and has the features I’m looking for. I will end up testing the one I want but what a great lday of learning and little luck to be at a place where people where testing kayaks that I’m looking at buying.

Thanks for reading my long winded post. If you have any insight please post and let me know as I’m very interested in what others have to say.


Don’t know those models
but generally at 230lbs, you want a 14 foot boat or longer. The smaller boats are wider and will generally sit lower in the water which means you have to work harder and you get a wetter ride.

My favorite Rec SOT is the 14 foot Manta Ray that Liquid Logic made and Heritage took over. The Heritage boats are a real upgrade!

Get out there and paddle a few and then put your money down. And don’t get too hung up on how well the boat goes straight. With a little practice, you can make anything track.


Get out there!
I’ve paddled out of that spot, it’s a nice area. Didn’t know there was a shop there. I also don’t know a thing about the kayaks you mentioned.

Now you’ve watched, time to get out there and try those boats. See if the dealer will credit your rentals towards purchase price. Don’t agonize too much over which is the perfect boat. Just about every one of us is already shopping for our next boat. So the main thing is, get a boat. That is the hurdle that has you on shore watching instead of paddling. As you develop experience and skills, what you look for in a boat may change. On the other hand, you may find kayaking isn’t your thing, then the boat will just sit on a storage rack and gather dust. So don’t fret too much over finding the perfect boat.


Just looking at the boats
The exillerator (sp?) looks like the best of the three. The others are a bit barge-like. Don’t limit your self to one brand, and also look at used boats. You can find a good sit on top for about $300. Ocean Kayak, Cobra, Heritage, Wilderness systems are brands that will hold value a little better when you decide to sell and move to a better boat.

Don’t get too tied up in stability. Boats that feel less stable are often actually more sea worthy off of flat wate if designed properly r. ==

Hi Brian, my 2c . . .
My first sit-on-top, which I still have, was an Emotion Charger - just over 9’ long. I agree with what others have said: I have not experienced this boat as being very stable with me, and SOTs are supposed to have a lot of initial stability. It also sits way high off the water, which adds to the awkwardness with a high center of gravity. I have always felt more stable in my twin Loon and Arctic Tern 14.

Last week, I paddled my second SOT on its first outing, a new Manta Ray 12 Angler, and it is far more stable, drier and better performing in every way, compared to the Charger.

Let me encourage you do do what everybody here on pnet encourages prospective boat buyers to do: don’t buy the first boat or two you try! Rent a number of different makes and sizes, and test paddle when you can (which should be free). Take your time. Otherwise, you may jump for something which you will regret later, when you have a chance to try something you like better.

Good luck on your new adventure. If you think it looks fun from the vantage of standing on the bank, just wait until you get one get on the water!

Talk to the people at Shanks Mare
They know their business, and will help you get into the right kayak. Demo the different boats, if you can wait, Shanks Mare has a demo day in mid May.

They won’t steer you wrong.


Shanks Mare will…
… typically do demos anytime with advanced notice. I tried out a Necky Chatham early last year with them.

Demos I plan to ride Wed
Lots of good advice. Since I can wait til next year I will try out a few more demo rides at various places to get as much seat time to see what I really like and don’t like.

One other kayak that has peaked my interest in the Jackson Daytripper. It seems to fit with what I would want to be doing when I’m out on the rivers, lakes, ponds and streams.

Has alot of room for storage in the price range I’m looking at and just overall seems to cover what I want out of a kayak. I do plan on trying one out on demo come spring or even if I could find one to try this late summer.

This Wed I will be demo the Perception (Prodigy 10.0 and 12.0) and Dagger (Axis 10.5, 12.5 BlackWater 10.5 and 12.0) All these are sit in setups but from reading about them they all would work for me as well. I know 100% I want some storage space like a dry compartment setup. Sit in advantage to me seeming is able to use them in cooler conditions vs on top kayaks.

And also try BMO
Blue Mountain Outfitters is up the river at marysville. Extremely nice people, loads of new boats to try and all the gear you’d possibly need.

Also can try Starrk Moon
Starrk Moon is also down the river in Delta Pa, and he has a selection of sit on tops and rec boats. Normally his boats run a little cheaper than the other local shops and you can also demo the boats at the shop. It’s located along the Susq.

Real nice guy running it who can help you get the right boats. Best way to contact him to see what he has is… 717-456-7720. His name is Brad.