OC-1 Conversion

In my quixotic quest to get into WW solo canoeing, the Mad River Rampage didn’t work out, so I’m looking at possible alternatives.

I have a Perception Stikine creek boat sitting around. It’s too big for me as a WW kayak, but I’m wondering how it would work as an OC-1 conversion? I’m 5’4", 125 lbs.

OC-1 or C-1?
OC-1 would mean cutting the top off it. I don’t think that’d work very well…

Cut the top off and it will be too low
and too flexy. As for a C-1 conversion, it does not meet my test. For a good conversion, a kayak should have really firm stability. I remember trying a Dagger Animas c-1 conversion. (I own an Animas kayak.) Although the Animas was always regarded as stable and without vices, as a c-1 it was just too roly-poly.

I think you need to keep looking for a used OC-1. And you are too small and light for a Rampage. Look for a boat no bigger than a standard Outrage. You might love an Esquif Spark, once you got used to it.

I am guessing you are talking

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c1 conversion. I don't know the boat and haven't c1'd in year but as a kayak it says weight range 150-240 lbs which makes you on the light side of life for it. It is a bit on the bigger side of life too at 67 gallons which would probably make it an okay creek boat which of course it is. I am tempted to say go for something smaller that might be more playful. You might want to ask this same question on Boatertalk website.


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go to cboats.net

Have you tried a C1? The reason I ask is that I wanted to paddle C1 years ago. I borrowed 3 different C1s and tried them out and found I just couldn't take the low kneeling position.

Many C1 boaters have said that it was just a matter of getting used to it and tweaking the outfitting. Not to discount the advice of experienced boaters, but I doubt it. I know how low a pedestal I can tolerate in an OC1 and it is at least a couple of inches higher than even the high end of C boat saddles.

If you haven't tried it, you might want to before you go to the trouble of convering a kayak just to be sure.

Yup - ask at CBoats
Cat - if your interested in paddling a C1, I have Jim C’s old Cascade. You can give it a try.

not an Esquif
but a Jackson Kayak conversion…to OC-1!!


looks like a Spanish Fly…

The Cascade is a good boat and a good first C1.


Sorry, meant C-1
Thanks for your suggestions!