OC2 spray cover questions

I just got a spray cover for my open canoe. As I often paddle this boat solo in rough conditions, I’m interested in how to seal one of the skirt holes. I have usually paddled the boat open with float bags tied in and a pump. This will be the first I have used a cover in a canoe and would also weclome any other advice ya’ll might have.



Frank, are you sitting in the rear hole
and wanting to seal the front hole? Your real problem would be boat trim. Or do you also have a center hole? Inquiring minds want to know.

When solo, I sit in the front and paddle the boat “backwards”. The trim is ok, but with a gallon jug of water in the opposite end from me the trim is perfect.

Hmmm. Well, to try to be helpful, you
will have to devise a way to close the unused skirt so that water does not pool there. The skirt will be over the unused seat, so one way to prevent or reduce pooling will be to attach something light to the seat which keeps the closed skirt elevated.

As for closing the skirt, consider trying to fake out a roll-top closure like you see on waterproof packs. Except instead of pulling the ends of the roll together, I suggest trying to roll the skirt around a well-varnished firring strip, or a 1/2" piece of light plastic tubing. Then find a way to secure the ends of the strip or the tubing to the surface of the cover so that the skirt can’t unroll.

That’s as far as I can think right now. It is an interesting problem to me because I have a cover for my MR Guide, and may get one for our tandem, and I forsee having the same issue come up.

small inflatable bb…
To elevate the stern hole after you roll it down by attaching some floatation, like a small beach ball, to the stern seat. Like the idea of rolling it down like a drybag. Use something flexible and perhaps attach some velcro strips at strategic locations to wrap over the roll and secure it.

That could work. Surely the lightest
way to elevate the cover. Probably there are light, inflatable pool toys which would even have some strap thingies on them to attach to the seat.