Ocean Canoe

I am search of a canoe that can handle both bay and surf fishing. I prefer a canoe as opposed to a kayak. Do I have to go metal? Thanks in advance for any information

I use a Mad River Malecite for that

But, launching a canoe in the surf isn’t something to take lightly. I figure you’re not a stranger to it, right?

I snapped a gunnel coming back in last year, on a very calm day.

Ocean Canoe
it would be in minimal surf. basically good fishing days. getting out to the 2nd or 3rd sand bar is key

volume, flare, low sides, some rocker

… are what you should look for. There are others besides the Malecite that others may feel comfortable recommending. Is this for solo?

sea canoe
looking for a two seater

You’d love a Superior Expedition
http://superiorcanoes.com/ This will alow you to fish comfortable and not have a fear if the weather changes. It’s really made to big water like you’ll be on. Super Comfortable to spend all day in.

Why not a SOT designed for fishing?
Do you really want to sink?