Ocean caper

I just bought a ocean caper and took it out yesterday.

I love it but I got wet. Does anyone know the scupper size?

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They may not fit …
as you can see on the chart the smallest size may not fit. You can go to a hardware store and buy some rubber stoppers that will.

My suggestion would be to buy some paddling gear that keeps you warm while paddling, since kayaking you are likely to get wet, and waves, spraya and paddle splashes will quickly accumulate if you use scupper plugs.

Got em
Ordered extra small scuppers today. Thanks for the help!


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be careful with using scupper plugs on a rough (textured) water day. Once water gets in (think a bigger wave or a big boat wake) and can't drain out, the SOT will become very tippy. Do yourself a favor and test this out. Near shore, plug the scuppers, and then fill the SOT with buckets of water and figure at what point the boat too tippy for you to stay upright. You would then know BEFORE what point of water intake to remover the plugs so you don't capsize. You should know this before venturing far from shore, especially in any conditions which may dump water into your SOT. Or if the conditions are a bit rough, suck it up and DON'T use the plugs.

I surf occaisonally with my RTM Disco and OK Scupper Pro. When waves break into the boat, it's a real challenge to brace and stay upright for the 10-20 seconds for the water to drain through the scupper holes. I can't imagine being able to stay upright long enough to remove the plugs when the SOTs get filled with water because as you reach for the plugs, you obviously cannot scull/brace with the paddle to stay upright.


Good advice Sing.
Face it all. Kayaking is a wet sport, especially with a Sit on Top. I sometimes, in cooler weather, wear waterproof pants so my butt doesn’t get wet. They’re sometimes called ‘splash pants’. The length of paddle used on an SOT can also cause excess water in the cockpit area.

But regarding the original question. We have 2 Capers and the plugs we use (old style) are 1¼" at the top and taper down to 1" on the bottom. As far as the holes in the storage, I didn’t measure them but personally, I wouldn’t plug them due to what Sing noted in his response.

I believe I once found a website that told how to alter the black rubber, hardware store type plugs, for fitting into scupper holes. It could have been on this site. Sorry, my CRS is kicking in.

Paddle on.

Scupper plugs
Tried my new scupper plugs Saturday and stayed relatively dry.

Next I,m going to get a couple of sponges like you suggested for paddle drip.almost end of season for me anyway.

Thanks for the help!


Sometimes repositioning the drip rings
will help the problem or even the angle of the paddle itself.