Ocean City, MD

Donna and I are embarking on a well earned vacation to Ocean City, MD very soon. We’re staying at Castaways Campground, just south of the OC airport and are bringing the kayaks. I searched the archives and got some info from DSetzer(thanks)dated from 08. Wondering if anyone can update and help out with local paddling spots.

I know about the bugs and have two head nets, skirts for the Tsunami and the Pungo, all the safety gear, and plenty of bug spray. Friends have a condo with kayak dock across from Assateague but know nothing about paddling. Strictly power boaters. Looking for day trips, local state parks that are kayak friendly, maybe a nice river day trip, and close to shore paddling. Donna does not have a lot of open water experience, but I do. With her in the Pungo120, I’m not planning on taking risks, although I will have flotation in the front and she is comfortable along the shoreline.

Thanks in advance for any help and guidance.

Depending on how far you want to drive
Assateague Natl Seashore is an obvious choice. The old ferry landinmg is a great place to disembark for day paddles.

There is also the Pocomoke River farther away, but a beautiful trip. The outfitter in Snow Hill can provide info or run a shuttle if needed.

Two caveats: At assateague it is tick/skeeter/greenhead fly season. Deet is needed for exposed skin.

The other is that Assateague can be a confuding place, so take a map & compass or map & GPS & compass.


look a little north
Just over the MD /DE line is assawomen bay and canal. It is shallow and protected water. There are some expanses there, but it is an inland bay. A little farther north is the Rehobeth bay. Right at the Indian River Inlet there is a nice quite put in next to the marina dry stack. You can wind you way arround protected water that are about three feet deep so you don’t have many power baters. The reed beds are alive with wild life, terrapins and many osprey boxes to see. If you go further inland you could paddle the cypress sweamp at Trap Pond. One more nice spot is Cape Henalopen State Park. You can put in a protected bay and visit the light house make your way out to the Atlantic and see the dolphins.

I’m ok with driving an hour or so.
Thanks folks. How far is snow hill from Ocean City? I’d love to visit a local outfitter and pick up some local charts/maps. I don’t have a GPS but I do have a compass.

see the ponies
Check out the wild ponies right over there by the beaches…our club goes paddling there every Oct/Nov…we pay for a day parking and paddle around the bay areas checking out the ponies…my friend borrowed my pungo 120 and he did fine…when we went back last Nov it was a little windy and most of the ponies were on the mainland…don’t know about summer time stuff…loved it, going back again next Nov…enjoy!

OC fun
Second the recommendation to visit Snow Hill and do some Pocomoke paddling.

The north tip of Assateague is just on the south side of the inlet at OC. All the many square miles of water behind OC is trying to move in and out that inlet with the tidal change, so the current kicks. But you can land on the northern tip and drag your kayaks across the sand to the Ocean for some surfing fun. Obviously, use judgement, but if the surf is at summer doldrum levels of a foot or two, you can have some fun there. At the worst, you’ll have a beach that is less populated than anywhere on the OC side. The bugs were not bad when I was there, but there is usually a breeze, so maybe the wind was just holding them down.

There are usually dolphins swimming around the mouth of Deleware Bay if you want to think about going to Cape Henlopen.


Ocean City
Go on the Pocomoke River. Start in Snow Hill at the bridge or the Pocomoke River State Park. Beautiful. Only 20 minutes from you. Historic town on the river.

Delorme Topo Maps/Atlas

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I picked up an excellent Maryland/Delaware all-purpose reference book at Cabela's that lists all backroads, rec and historical sites, bike and canoe trails, fishing info, and more. Snow Hill isn't too far from Castaways so that will be my first stop. Anybody know the name of the outfitter in Snow Hill?

Thanks again for the info. If there are any locals who want to join us for a paddle and an ice cold beverage at the finish, please feel free to contact me this week via e-mail. We'd love to meet up with some fellow p-netters.

Some more from me…
Pretty cool to see that I helped this much later…

I’m not sure if you saw, but I did paddle Sinepuxent Bay:



Thanks for the links dsetzer
I enjoyed the blogs as well. If you make your way over between the 3rd and the 10th, you can stop at Castaways and I’ll bring you a cold beer!!!