Ocean cockpit suggestions

I have picked up a very pristine OC Pintail from local CL and am seeking any advice about getting the most from this boat. Pintail has the glass tractor style seat integral to coaming and no foot braces. Methods for getting in/out as well as any outfitting to achieve best fit? My current keyhole Q boat has foam foot block positioned to allow my legs to be almost flat and still hold good brace against thigh hooks when needed. I roll the larger Q either side, sculling brace too and sometimes balance brace when Neptune is not looking. Hoping for as good or better in Pintail.

Pad the bulkhead…
…as with your other boat; there’s no mystery there.

Getting in and out is straightforward:


  • Straddle the boat.
  • Sit on the aft deck.
  • Put your feet in the cockpit.
  • Grab the gunwales at your hips.
  • Lift your butt and slide forward into the cockpit.

  • Reach behind the cockpit and grab the gunwales.
  • Lift your butt off the seat and slide backward onto the rear deck.
  • Pull your legs out and straddle the boat.
  • Stand up.

    On thing that can be an issue when entering is that if the backband isn’t properly secured at the top, it can rotate forward and you end up sitting on it. Pintails typically have a D-ring under the rear of the coaming. Run a line from the D-ring to the top rear of the backband (you may need to add a webbing loop or padeye to the backband). That will secure it and actually create a bit of a ramp for you to slide down.

    As for the rest of the outfitting, it’s up to you. I paddle Greenland style, so I prefer to remove the stock seat and replace it with a thin, relatively flat foam seat. I also install a thick pad at the front of the cockpit (a “foam masik”) to simulate the fit of a skin boat. Obviously, that’s not what everyone wants or needs, but it’s one option.