Ocean Cockpit

Hi, please help !

I have just bought a new kayak (Eastpole Reval Mini) - but wants to make the cockpit a little shorter. But HOW should I do that ???

Thanks in advance !



What do you mean by shorter?

Ocean Cockpit

I mean - the cockpit is 73x42 cm, and I want it to be 60 x 42 cm…



Need more info…
What material is the boat made out of.

If it is poly I think it would be best to forget it.

If it is composite I would think you could do some fabricating out of kevlar and fiberglass and custom it to your liking.

Also if it is a new boat, can you return it for a different model with a smaller cockpit?



If you want to make the opening a bit shorter for better thigh bracing, there are lots of possibilities – could be as simple as gluing in a sheet of minicel or pop-riveting in a sheet of plastic, or as complex as laying up a custom insert. You might be able to adapt thighbraces from another boat to fufill the same function.

If you want to make the coaming smaller, that’s major surgery.

easiest modification
to put in a masik-like thigh brace on a keyhole cockpit is to buy one of those blue camping sleeping pads and fold it on itself 3-4 times, cutting off the excess so it is the right depth and width. you can slide it forward on entry or exit and pull it up over your thighs when you want more control. otherwise, if you really don’t like the cockpit and want an oc rather than a keyhole, start shopping again.

My Brooks Tuilik fits my Reval just fine. It’s a pretty small opening.

If you are good with fiberglassing, I bet you could come up with some forms. The deck is going to be all wrong though.

This worked for me. To make your cockpit shorter …you can get Fatter. Just a joke. That is a good question. Maybe you could put some padding around the coaming? Good luck. Vaughn Fulton