ocean cockpits and adj. footpegs

I love my ocean cockpits - except when it comes time to adjust the (yakima?) sliding footpegs.

Anyone have any tips on ways to make this easier, short of removing the pegs and replacing with foam?

the footbraces and just foam out the bulkhead to the proper length

Sort of curious…
what you’ll then be doing when it comes time to adjust your foam…


I wish I would have thought of that

good timing.

if space, use the other foot.
don’t have a small ckpt so might not work fr you but i just move the other foot over and past and pull up with the toes while pushing down with the footbrace foot. then can adjust to wherever desired while on the go.

Hand Pump
I sometimes use the hand pump to help adjust the footpegs when they need to go forward. I put my foot behind the footpeg and then apply pressure to the peg with the end of the hand pump. I then use my foot to pull back on the release mechanism. With the peg trapped between my foot and the end of the pump I can slide it forward or backward as needed.

If I am just going to pull the pegs back toward me I usually just use the foot behind the peg to both release the catch and move the peg. Sometimes it wants to jump several slots at a time and I end up haveing to use the pump method to slide it back forward.

Not sure if this would work in an ocean cockpit, but it allows me to make my adjustments without leaning forward so it might work for you.


Dump 'em…
…hate footpegs and have removed them from all my ocean cockpit boats. Once pulled out, I get those plastic panel fasteners used inside autos to plug the holes with aquaseal and am happy.

If you have a stock bulkhead placement, then you may need more foam, but I get my bulkheads moved back to keep the foam to 2 inches thick or so and cut it on a 15 degree angle, and also recess the center so I can stretch my legs a bit more. Saves a pound or two of weight to get them out too.

Nothing more comfortable for me out there than foam. Never need to adjust it once its in as I don’t fit it so I am against it hard - just the balls of my feet loose so that I can add heavier footgear when it gets colder.