Ocean Cockpits???

I recently have been messing around with a boat that has an ocean cockpit but I am having real trouble getting in and out of it.

I have no problems with getting in and out of a keyhole cockpit in any depth of water, but I feel quite silly trying to get into the ocean cockpit when the boat is floating.

Any suggestions on how to do this without swimming?



Some OCs are easier than others, but they all require sitting on the back deck and sliding in with straight legs. Use the paddle as an outrigger–sit on it, which means with a Euro you don’t have as much leverage as you’ll be sitting on the loom and you have to watch out for the feather angle. This is way easier with a GP. Also, don’t sit on your spray skirt. When there is shore break, it means scooting along the sand rather than getting in with the boat in the water. I love an OC as control is so much better, but there is a price to pay.

tippy boat too…
It’s also a very tippy boat (Kirton Inuk) which is fine on the water, but a real PIA sliding into.


you’re posts crack me up
"Hey, what’s up with these ocean cockpits?! These things are hard to get into!"

Kirton Inuk
Matt, other than the difficulty getting in and out of the ocean cockpit, what do you think of the Inuk?

use the paddle to scull for support
rather than using it as an outrigger. Hold the paddle the same way Derek Hutchinson does for his lame ‘high brace and remove the hat’ trick, but scull with the paddle. It takes a bit of practice but works fairly well.