Ocean Fishing NJ

Looking to purchase a Kayak to fish mainy in the NJ ocean and back bay area. This will be first time fishing from a Kayak and I need some help with my purchas. Hope to keep it under $1000.00

Thanks for the recomendation, Jon.

Go to kayakfishingstuff.com and look
over that site. Plenty of options and, the site is, I believe situated in your neck of the woods. Its almost strictly a sit on top group at kfs, but everyone says they’re a good outfit to deal with and sale kayaks and everything you’ll need. Myself, if I had the grand to spend, I’d be looking at a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 and ordering an Onno paddle.

They also have a good forum. Virtualy all kayak fishermen.

Why Not Paddling.net?
Why do we always send people away instead of growing the Paddling.net Fishing Board? I’m sure people here have answers. Right?


first kayak
I fish the jersey coast and raritan bay all the time.I have a tarpon 12 footer but if I had to do it over again I would go with the 14 footer.I am very happy with mine, very good fishing kayak. Handles rough water excellent. A sit on top is the only way to go if you are fishing the ocean and bays.

Brent, while the forum here is a nice,

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friendly fishing forum, its not to the level of KFS, texaskayakfisherman.com, and several other kayak fishing forum, also its not as specific to certain areas. And, the forum is often a bit slow, with minimal posts compared to either other forums on paddling.net or fishing specific forums.
It would be nice to grow the forum, something I could get into, and try best as I can by responding when I have something to offer, but its difficult to not refer people to forums that are more areas specific. I like paddling.net's fishing forum, find good information from posters, and find it especially helpful because , unlike most of the kayak fishermen on KFS and tkf, I fish from a sit-in kayak, as do many here on paddling.net. But, not many posters are from the Texas Gulf Coast or fish Southeast Texas lakes, so its difficult to get area specific answers. BTW, I often refer folks on texaskayakfishermen.com to paddling.net for information better handled here.

Kayakfishin off Joisy
Don’t forget the safety gear. Lots of boats out there, weekend warriors that don’t have a clue about Rules of the Road.

Check this out
Check out Jersey Paddler in Brick,NJ their also on line . they have both new and used Kayaks and canoes. one of the widest selections in the state.

Ocean Kayak Prowler™ Angler Kayaks
Do you have a opinion for the Ocean Kayak Prowler™ Angler Kayaks it was the one i was looking at, at cabelas.

You asked about the Prowler. Its a
very popular kayak for bay and even near offshore fishing. The complaints I’ve heard about it is that the grooves for the feet are sometimes uncomfortable for some folk, there have been leaks in the scupper holes where the two halves of the kayak are joined, and a couple of complaints about the thiness of the hull and wear through at the stern bottom, one case it was caused by dragging, the other didn’t seem to be that case, an unknown cause for a fairly new boat. But, it and the WS Taron’s are probably the two most popular kayays for fishing the bays in Texas, with the Prowler getting the nod for fishing the beach front.

forum format
Can’t post picures, forum format not up to par what the kayak fishing sites have.

have you been out yet thid year?

Jersey Fishing
I have been fishing off the Jersey shore for 13 years in my Ocean Kayak Scrambler XT. It is 12 feel long and is a very stable platform for fishing. I have been out in 6 foot swells without any problems. I can get out through heavy surf as I launch from the beach and have surfed it in 6 foot waves.

There is enough room in the foot well for the basic gear you will need. I use a 6 can cooler for a tackle bag (it will float) and tie it to the yak.

I also have designed a rod holder made from PVC that fits into to scupper holes in the foot well, keeps the rod in front of me, and tips up to bring the rod into very easy reach when a fish is on.