Ocean going charts for kayaking

I can’t seem to find WHERE to get a good salt water chart for kayakers. I went out with a guide and he had a great chart with current markings, etc. Smaller and different looking than the charts I am used to when sailing in the Pacific Northwest. Particularly interesting were the current markings, I know he used this in tandem with a 2004 tide and current table for the area. What am I looking for?> Thank you!?!?! Siri

Washburn’s Current Tables
I believe you are referring to Washburns current tables. They show arrows in differing thicknesses to represent current flow. There is a chart for each area and hour of the day. You consult the table, updated yearly, to ascertain the chart number to use for that particular date and time.

Does that sound like what you saw?


Dear Thistleback, I will check those out, that sounds right, Thanks! Siri

Chart and publications
www.bluewater.com a complete nautical chart and publication book store carrying both US charts and British admirality charts. They have a mail order service. Also great maritime related book store, cruising guides for yachts, yacht and ship history, flags, etc.

Marine Presse same, they are out of Vancouver and I believe in Canadian and British Admirality charts & publications.

Baker-Lyamn out of New Orleans can help you with both US and British Admirality charts and pubs.

American Nautical Services out of Miami can help you also.

Get your hands on the chart catologue (free) determine the area your interested, choose the chart number and go from there. Tidal current tables come in books covering certain regions of theh world.

US charts are about half the price of British charts but the British are typically corrected

when they sell them to you. Corrections as in changes in lights, buoys, markers, drafts, etc.


Try www.gmcomaps.com

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If you are on the East Coast.

We’ve used Maptech waterproof charts for a number of years of paddling the Maine Coast.

Many shops carry them including West Marine.

you might also look at Atelier Navigation - - - www.ateliernavigation.com - - - they publish area charts, with GPS waypoints listed - slightly different than what you mentioned, but worth a look - john