Ocean Isle Beach, NC

I’m going this summer and would appreciate any “insider” info. about paddling opportunities etc.

Map Source
http://www.ncsu.edu/paddletrails/ is source for free printable maps and info on the area you are asking about. At the above site click on “5” (as in Region 5) and then click the individual blocks within the map for info on that particular trail.

Enjoy yourself in NC and stay safe on the water,


Been There
I’ve paddled the back side (ICWW) and had a nice time. Played around Tubb’s Inlet for laughs. You might ask the locals if the Shallotte River is a fun paddle. If I go back, I’d check out the river.

Thank-you both

We’ve been close…
to Ocean Isle. We go down to Sunset Beach which is just below Ocean Isle. They offer kayak rentals there to paddle the surf/ocean. We are thinking of taking our canoe next time to paddle the inlet waters that go for miles in and around the islands.

that’s a great link, Cal…
…anybody know if there is a similar site for SC?

oib, shalottte river
the shallotte river is a fun paddle, lots of salt marsh creeks and wildlife. this river is HEAVILY influenced by the tides, so plan your float accordingly (upstream on the incoming tide, downstream on the falling tide) or you’ll be getting more workout than you’ll want. beautiful area. -harry

SC TSrails
http://www.sctrails.net/trails/ALLTRAILS/trlgd.html is the website you’re looking for.

You 'da man, Cal…
…thanks mucho. Will be down 2nd half of March in Myrtle Beach area. Hoping for nice weather.


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Be aware that Shallotte is pronounced "shuhLOAT". We have some strange ones here. I live near a place called Mebane. It's pronounced "MEBBin".

Oh... it ain't new BERN. It's NEWbern, and you probably already knew about TOPsul.

thanks for the heads up…
…you don’t want to advertise that you’re not a local. Just learned the “H” in Horry County (Northern tip of SC) is silent.

be careful about the tides, as said befo
they can really rip. Horry county, pronounced Oarrie, once you get back in the interior there is more water than you can imagine to paddle. there is a great paddling shop at the junction of 501 and oak street.in myrtle beach, also the shop in georgetowne does tours and do a great job.

More “How Does Ya Say Its”

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In North Carolina the little town near the Cape Lookout park is called Beaufort. Properly pronounced BOHfert. In South Carolina there's a town with the same spelling that is improperly pronounced BYOOfert.