ocean isle icw and tidal river charts

or maps. I’m staying the week at Ocean Isle Nc. I Would like to pick up some maps/charts of the icw and surrounding tidal river areas- any advice on where to go pick something up nearby?

NOAA Nautical Chart 11534

– Last Updated: Jul-15-15 1:38 PM EST –

NOAA Nautical Chart 11534

Intracoastal Waterway Myrtle Grove Sound and Cape Fear River to Casino Creek

West Marine often has the local NOAA charts. This one looks closest to you.

West Marine Cherry Grove
Store# 00518
900 Highway 17 N
Cherry Grove, SC

I've done a run down the Waccamaw River in the area.







How long are you in the area?
What type of paddling are you looking for?

This is coming up this Saturday, July 18th with Cape Fear River Watch. This paddle happens to be just north of Wilmington, so a bit of a drive, but not bad. These paddles are pretty laid back, lily-dippin style, and usually lots of good company.


thanks for cherry grove tip and sat.
invite. I boated 3 miles today. I put in under the causeway to ocean isle today and paddled through the eastern channel to tubbs inlet and along the beach back to condo. I did it in my ducky running with the outgoing tide to the inlet and my niece paddle a rented sot. Nice trip and we managed without maps or gps. Niece flipped in the breakers but we managed to have a good time and towed our boats the last 3 tenths along the shore rather than try to relaunch. The ducky appeared to have better stability in the breakers than the rented sit on top but I don’t know that for sure because I didn’t try the SOT. Headed home on Sat. so paddling that day is out but thanks for the info. I’m out of my usual environment- wv creeks - but did all right figuring out the tides- kept the distance short and went with the flow so the ducky worked in that scenario. I’m just nibbling when it comes to coastal paddling but I had a good time.

Sounds fun.
I’m glad you and your niece are getting to enjoy a taste of the coastal kayaking experience.

alas the cherry grove location
didn’t have the chart I wanted either. Instead I picked up coastal/inland fishing charts of bulls island and edisto for “next time” trips.