Ocean Kayak Angler?

I just found out that my employer has a pro deal arrangement with several outdoor manufacturers including Ocean Kayak, and that I can get a considerable discount. I’ve been eyeing a fishing kayak, and wondered if anyone has experience with any of the OK models. Unfortunately, there are no dealers nearby for me to check them out in person. I have an old OK “general purpose” SOT but it’s not all that comparable to the newer fishing models.


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You might Google this model to read the reviews, or go to the Topkayaker.com site for reviews and accounts of performance.

I have no experience with OK, but passed a number of people on the Rainbow River the other day who seemed to be enjoying their OK boats. Why not go to an outfitter and rent an OK - they are popular with outfitters.

The SOT I paddle is a NW Manta Ray 12; somewhat different. A paddling experience in the kayak your are thinking of buying - also some competitors - is valuable and preferable before you make your decision.

Good advice.
I have several Ocean Kayak SOT’s. An older model (Scupper Pro) has been a favorite here with anglers (and divers) for years here. The Prowler (13 and 15’) are both very good as well.

The best way to find a boat is try one out at a demo day, or via another paddler. You should read all the reviews you can on the boat and check the kayak fishing forums as well, but only by paddling it will you know you have the right boat for you and really taken advantage of the discount available to you.

Ocean Kayak does make a great boat but try the different types to see for yourself.

I like my narrower SOT’s (RTM Disco & OK Scupper Pro TW). These are narrower than the most of the “fishing SOTs” being marketed today. As a smaller person, I like the performance of these narrower boats (26") relative to the mostly 29" plus beams of the fishing SOTs. But I have to outfit like heck to get these boats more amenable/equipped for fishing (especially night time where everything should have its place on the boat).

The newer fishing SOTs are very well thought-out and “tricked out” for fishing tho’. So I do envy that. That’s the trade-off. If you are interested really in the “fishing” part for the SOT (rather than a closer performance to a touring boat), I say go ahead a get one of the beefier/wider rides, e.g. Trident series.


Tricked out RTM disco and 2 OK SP/TWs