Ocean Kayak Customer Service

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I ordered a kayak direct from OK's company store in fernsdale, WA (which I think is their main store) and the customer service has been terrible.

First, They told me they would get me a freight quote the same afternoon, and it took 3 days. When I called back the second day, they told me they would call when they got it, and acted like I was inconveniencing them.

Second, They did not answer my email requesting tracking numbers for package sent via UPS even though their own website suggests sending OK customer service an email to get your tracking number.

Third, I was told that the boat would get here in 2 weeks maximum. Wednesday was exactly 2 weeks and now it looks like I won't have the boat for the holiday weekend unless it shows up this afternoon. I haven't emailed them about this yet.

All of this, while annoying, doesn't really bother me because so far the products I have received from them have been very good.

Here are my questions for the board.

1. Is this common customer service for OK when ordering with them over the net/phone? Should I expect to be treated like this in the future?

2. When should I expect my boat? I was told 2 weeks at most to get the boat from their place in WA to my place in WV. Was that just an unrealistic estimate? What is a more realistic estimate. They only charged me 100$ for shipping.

Also, on the advice of a friend, I chose the Aegean model OK kayak. I am basically looking for a recreational boat to paddle on flat water. I will be using it 50/50 solo and tandem, and I need something big enough for some gear (I plan to fish from the kayak).

I had been looking at Malibu II XLs and my friend said I should look at the aegean because he felt it was easier to handle solo and had a higher top speed. Speed is only important to me because occasionally I will be crossing the ohio river, and there is a significant amount of barge traffic, so I need to be able to cross in a reasonable time.

Any thoughts anyone has on the Aegean would be much appreciated.



Your not alone.
I bought a Scupper Pro last year. The trim peice around the lid was hanging off it when I removed the factory wrapping. It’s really not that big of a deal. But, I did email them and never heard a word from them. I wouldn’t avoid OK just for this, but it is a shame they don’t take a little more pride. Cliff

My Girlfriends Scupper Pro had some repair issues and I emailed them for advice. Never got a response.


I dealt with OK customer service a few times and received outstanding service. Prompt response to e-mails, stuff shipped immediately, etc. Pretty disappointing to hear they are falling down on the job.

However, I will say that out of 6 OK boats I owned 2 had scupper hole leaks. Which was a pain in the butt to fix, but OK sent me the materials and instructions to do it at no cost.

I no longer use OK boats, but that’s because I don’t use sit on tops anymore, not because OK products suck.

to run a business. Expansion is exceptionally difficult to manage. Most things that are dropped nobody realizes were dropped, or they wouldn’t have been. Persistently missed opportunities to communicate with clients, answer questions, and so on suggest that improvements are needed. But if the people in a position to analyze communications systems and improve them don’t know about the problems, then nothing will happen. I suggest that anyone actually concerned that OK fix their communication glitches (as distinguished from simple whiners) write the organization with a history of communication problems, a pointer to this discussion, and (if you have any) suggestions on how to deal with things.

I have a small business and try to avoid thinking about the almost certain expansion beyond the two of us. Things get very difficult very quickly.

Just another Johnson “Family” Company
The problem is that they probably don’t have enough people to give proper service because of the top heavy Windex management. Just remember it might not be the person on the phones fault they are probably trying but with limited resources.

I had an Aegean briefly. Couldn’t get plugs to fit the scupper holes (only wanted to plug a couple of them, but noooo). It’s a VERY heavy kayak. When my teenage daughter and I had it on a lake in moderate wind, we got blown all over… couldn’t hold a straight line for anything. Very frustrating.

On the other hand, we had it on a river (twice) and it was lots of fun and very stable on moving water. Sold it mostly because she lost interest in paddling and I sure wasn’t going to paddle it solo.

Can’t comment on OK customer service as I’ve really never dealt with them.