Ocean Kayak quality problems?

Quote from www.kayakdiver.com :

“5/13/04. I no longer recommend the use of Ocean Kayak’s products for scuba diving. Ocean Kayak was taken over by Johnson Outdoors, Inc. sometime around 2001. I am personally aware of one dealer/tour operator that has had over thirty Ocean Kayak models crack in different areas over the past two years. The cracks include the handle areas breaking and the self bailing holes cracking on the bottoms. While it is understood that rental kayaks can be subjected to more abuse, some cracked after only two and three uses. Those same problems did not exist on his older kayaks. I received an e mail dated 8/31/04 from the owner of a recently purchased “Caper” model stating the rivets securing the handles broke off.

My post 2001 Scrambler XT cracked at the base of the center hatch after 2 and 1/2 years. My pre 2001 XT is over six years old and still in good condition.”

As I’m planning to buy a SOT soon and the Scupper Pro is on the top of my list, I’d really be interested if you guys have similar experiences?


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Kind of dated report.

This post reminds me of the post a little while back complaining about Prowler hull-slap. Seems like an effort to try to give OK a bad name.

Not saying that's you in particular.

To address your question, I've heard of the occasional quality defects from all brands. Have not heard of one brand being any worse than another.

I'd call a couple big shops that carry several brands. Ask their opinion on various quality levels.

I have heard of problems with some boat models having hairline cracks in the scupper holes and being replaced by OK. I have a Frenzy I bought in December 2000, it’s stored indoors and has taken a huge amount of punishment and abuse from teenagers playing in the surf, and it’s still in great shape. Not made in the time in question. I would ask the same question at www.sit-on-topkayaking.com and see if any recent Scupper owners can give you first hand information. If you trust the store where you will buy it and they will guarantee the boat for a while it should be OK. Any plastic boat stored outside is going to develop problems from UV damage.