ocean kayak scrambler tx (?)

I am looking to buy a used fishing kayak, a person has an ocean kayak scrambler for sale. Are they any good. I heard they tip easy.

My grand daughter has a Scrambler,
and she has no problem with it nor do I. That being said, she is 5’ and I’m 5’2".

A friends wife is 5’6" and she has trouble but that can be due to her only kayaking once a year. In some instances, it’s easier for women to kayak than some men as we tend to move with our hips (and our weight is centered there) but men’s weight is more in their chest area.

But the inability to stay upright could be an individual trait as there are many males that paddle these SOT’s and have no problem.

Your best bet is to try one out. Give it a try and best wishes.

Very good starter kayak
Scramblers are very seaworthy in waves. Stable enough to use for fishing with no problem. Check your weight, if you are extremely heavy it might be an issue, but doubtful.

scrambler xt
I had the scrambler xt once. it was stable, i was able to stand in it.