Ocean kayak "sprinter"

I’m trying obtain a 17.0 foot SOT “sprinter” ocean kayak. Does anyone know of a dealer in the U.S. that is selling this boat? I live in North Carolina. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Try Appomattox River Company in Farmville, VA.


I’ve got a Sprinter

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it's an awesome boat. Ocean Kayak hasn't imported them in several years. They're still available through OK New Zealand http://www.oceankayak.co.nz/kayaks/fitness-training/sprinter/

It's a wet boat until you get it up to speed and the scuppers start sucking the water out. But amazingly fast.

Another option is the Spirit kayaks. They're plastic surf skis. http://www.spiritpaddlesportsusa.com/SPS%20USA%20BOATS.htm

Or the Epic V-8. http://www.epickayaks.com/products/surfskikayaks/v8

Thanks jen724 for the help.

Thanks redmond for the info.

Here’s one …
The dealer that jen724 points to doesn’t seem to have these boats, at least from their web site, either as new, used, sale, etc.

Here’s one for sale that came up in a google search:


Never heard of this boat, but it sure sounds interesting. Wish there was one around here to try.

Sprinter Kayak
The Sprinter made by Ocean Kayak is no longer shipped to the U.S. I am also looking for one (used). I had one, but sold it when we moved. Shortly after, they stopped selling to the US market. I LOVED mine!

Good luck,hope you fine one! If you fine a dealer that has them PLEASE email me! I’ll do the same for you.