Ocean kayak trident 15

I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this kayak until now.This thing looks great.

I wish Santa could fit this on his sled…Brand new from ocean kayak…It isn’t even on the companys main page yet…This has got to be one of the coolest kayaks I’ve seen in a while…I always loved the prowler 15 now it’s even better.



On the second link check out the video of the guy standing and using a pole to move the kayak ,

this thing is fast and stable.

Good big man kayak, though I’ve
read its a bit sluggish paddling. Of course, that’s relative. Not many SOT’s paddle more than 4 mph at best. Ease of paddling, as in glide, may be a different matter.


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I'm about 250 lbs myself so
I deff plan on getting this or a pungo 140 this year.If I end up with the pungo it will be ultimatly the wifes boat because I really like this trident.They do say it takes a little more to get moving but that top speed and glide are nice for a sot.I really think the trident is what i'm looking for.The really dry ride is deff a bonus.

super detailed pics and really long winded review


The rigging pictures are good, but he
does sorta leave you after a bit. Good pictures overall. Put that sail on anything over 14 ft in Texas and it has to be registered.

You Tube link for Video

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That vid’s cool.I really like that ability to stand and pole.Theres a local lake by me that has quite a few really shallow (guess yu’d callem bays)inlets.That would prob come in handy there.I’m really hopping to pick one of these up after x mas.