Ocean Kayak Yakboard or Frenzy

-- Last Updated: May-28-09 10:15 AM EST --

Does anyone have these little sit on tops? These 2 are on order but we haven't received them yet and cannot decide if both will work for our different weights or just one of them (the frenzy holds more weight). Store is ok if we dont keep both so that isn't an issue.

Our weights go from 110 to 225 in our family! We looked last year but rentals were tandems at the beach in Florida (Naples gulf). We want something just to mess around the shoreline and out a little bit - surf in waves if any. The weights given seem like my husband would sink the yakboard but the frenzy looks bulbous. Decided to buy rather than rent since we tend to go their once a year and maybe could use on Lake Erie beaches when breezy.

Any thoughts welcome.

Frenzy will work fine
For what you want to do the Frenzy is the perfect boat. Yak board is designed more for just surfing, but it actually kind of sucks after you get past the beginning stage. You can surf the Frenzy, not going to be doing advanced moves but I still take mine out just to kick around the coast once in a while when the waves are crap.

Thanks, What length paddle?
We have 210s 220 230s in various makes. Would the 230 be the best option (no 240s!)

210s are OK I use a 197
A long paddle promotes arm paddling and will be easy to cause the bow to swing back and forth. If you plan to do much surfing go with a shorter paddle.

We have a Ocean kayak Yak board
And one of my son in laws who must be about 270 pounds was on it in the creek the other day doing just fine.

He has used it at the beach in the surf in the past also.



I rented a Yak Board at the beach once
Hated it. I’d much rather have a Frenzy.

Another Option: Kaos

I’ve never surfed one but there are quite a number of 'em being used in the Northeast breaks. Several of the riders are pretty darn good with them.

Kaos is slightly longer than your options. Maybe a tad (I am mean really small) difference in speed for just paddling around.


Kaos better surf toy for surfing
Frenzy has better overall survivability for beginners & kids for playing in the surf zone and waves.

Frenzy Rules!
It was my first kayak, and I still have it. Its seen a lot of really stupid Cuda tricks…

Mostly its my step son’s little fishing kayak, but even now its gets some play because its the only boat

I have that I can just throw in the back of the van

Frenzy in action …



Re that 2nd pic
of Ponto beach - thats one heck of a wave! dont think i will see that at the gulf ha ha “luckily”!!!

Thanks for the posts Sounds like the Frenzy wins! The yak might work for my kids moreso - just not sure i want to transport 2 of them from PA.


A follow up on my post
We purchased both the yakboard and frenzy - daughter liked the yakboard but it was taking on water after a very short paddle with her 115lbs on it on a calm little lake so…we returned it and bought a 2nd frenzy which is still wrapped in the van till tomorrow. We like the frenzy but admit the seat feels a little snug for my husband and i am not far off either! It paddles decent for such a short boat but as posted it is a beach/wave boat and not a distance boat. I think my kids will choose these in the summer for their open comfort - maybe i will sometimes too if not paddling too far. thanks for the input! Ready to go to the beach now - hmmm now if I can just stack them together on the roofrack - worth a try and a trial run to see if feasible.