Ocean paddlers - looking for more


5’10" , 180 lbs.have paddled a CD Sirocco over 3000 miles but am interested in some serious ocean paddling.

Recommendations please.

Huki S1-R

which raises the question…
what is desired? long crossings in rough water, fast speeds, surf. You can go solid for expeditions with boats like Explorer or Nordkapp. You can have fun in tide races and play in rough water with a Sterling Reflection. Many other choices depending on where you want to go and do.

What is “serious”?
Surfing, long distance expedition…?

What about the Sirocco do you deem inadequate for your needs?

Can’t advise on boat w/o knowing purpose and wish list of behaviors.

No skis. Interested in enough volume

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to carry gear for camping.Crossings in rough water and a fast boat.
and , I'm asking for a friend. Really.

Your old boat is a good alrounder
Do you want something just as versatile, but a little updated and in a composite? If so I’d check out the P&H Cetus MV, the NDK Explorer, and more british designs like that.

If you want to just go faster or farther, then perhaps a tripping kayak like the Epic 18x or the QCC 700.

If you want to Play then I’d recommend the Wilderness systems Zephyr, the NDK Romany, or the P&H Aries.

If you don’t want a composite boat many of these have plastic counterparts made by the same folks.

Mariner Max, Eddyline Falcon 18,

OK define crossings, rough water?
Camping on long trips? Length of crossings , how rough the water?

Prijon Kodiak is pretty decent expedition boat.

Check out
The Force series by Impex. It will do everything that you mentioned.

I paddle
A North Shore Bucaneer and a Shearwater merganser 17 that I built.

I live in SC

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i enjoy coastal camping and have camped 3 times this year on the SC coast. I have made to trips to Cape Romain and one to Capers Island. My wife and I paddled on the Suwannee River in June. I am considering paddling the Everglades this winter. I will be surfing at Folly Beach today..

Still don’t see…
…what’s wrong with the Sirocco.

Or what do you perceive as missing in that boat? It’s got enough volume for a weekend trip for sure. And should be ok for a week if pack carefully.

In reasonably skilled hands, it should be able to handle some rough water including surf landing fine. (I don’t have one but a buddy does)

Is more speed you’re looking for?

My friend will have to answer that
question. Mostly , he wants a composite boat.

I Surfed both my boats today
They both handled about the same in the surf. They are both hard chine. The 17’ 4" by 21.5" North Shore has a couple inches more rocker, and a more upswept bow and stern. It went up over the breakers as I paddled out. While the Shearwater (17’ by 23") had a tendency to spear the larger waves. Surf was about 3ft with some larger sets. They both had no problem going out. I got rolled one time in each boat. I did a layback and came back up in the North Shore, and Wet exited the Shearwater. Overall I feel the north shore was a better surfer, I even surfed it backwards today.

I thought this was for you
I had a Sirocco and really liked it. It was good for just about everything except long trips. There was enough room for packing, that wasn’t the issue. The issue was speed (or lack thereof). At 23" wide, it’s not fast. Which is good if you want to get in some extra exercise, but bad if you’re lazy like me.

My new/all around boat – a Tempest. In the words of Darth Vader, “It is your destiny”

Faster boat is the narrower boat
The North Shore has more volume than the Shearwater. I have used both for touring and they both do fine. Five gals and camp for that many days puts the Shearwater at its max load with me (200 pounds). This boat tracks well and has no skeg. It edges well to. It has a good glide, but a slightly lower top speed. For a trip were I will need to carry more than 5 gallons I well use the higher volume Buccaneer. It has a bit more top speed to.

I Second That
I haven’t found a kayak that I like more than my Tempest 165.

Valley Aquanaut.

I vote Romany