Ocean Venus

I am thinking of getting a lightweight SOT. Any thoughts on the Ocean Venus- either the 10 or the 11?

I have an Old Town Loon 100 and I am looking for a SOT that I can handle by myself. Thanks for any advice.

Very Low Capacity
My wife had one, but its a very low capacity boat. We gave it to our grand daughter who weighs less than 100#

My first boat
was a Venus 10 and it was perfect for a beginner–light enough to car top by myself, carry to the put-in by myself, and it paddled me great for about a year. I did a 6 mile bay benefit paddle in it 2 months after I bought it and although slow, it was fine. I even surfed it for a while until I got a dedicated surf boat. By the end of that first year, however, I was more than ready to upgrade to a longer, better performing (for lack of a better word) boat.

In my case, I really appreciated the ease of handling it during that first year’s learning curve about all stuff kayak.

I weighed 130 at the time and there was zero problem with capacity. An acquaintance of 150 pounds had the Venus 11 and also had no problem with capacity.

Very good kayak…
2 women in our club have them and really like them. My daughter is looking at the 11’ model. She is renting this very kayak tomorrow for a test paddle. BTW, Sport Chalet (western states) rentals are great…$40. for 3 days as they call two of the days “travel days”.

A site
for sit-on-top kayaks would be http://www.topkayaker.net/index.html

You might get more response and helpful advice to your questions there.

light SOTs
Hurricane Phoenix or CD Kestrel SOT, but they’re more expensive.