October Kayaking in the Adirondacks

What kind of cold water gear do people have for lake kayaking in the Adirondacks in October? Also any favorite spots? Thanks!

The water has cooled some but the water is way warmer than in May
Its about the temp of early June
Water heats and cools more sliwly than the air
Too late in Oct though can mean snow

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thanks! Do you have sense of usual lake temperatures? Also if you’re from area any places you recommend?


Right now running between 10-20 C so up to 70 degrees. But so much depends on individual water body depth and turnover… I am in Maine a little North of the Daks but east of course and our lakes are running around 60 in the deep ones and up to 75 in the shallow ones.

For you a wetsuit might not be a bad idea. I have tripped in the Daks in late Sept and it was quite swimmable.

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Average high air temperature 10/1 is 60°F and low of 39°F at Saranac Lake. On 10/31 it’s 47°F and 30°F respectively.

At Lake George the water temperature averages 60°F 10/1 and 40°F on 10/31…

Depending on where you go and exactly when you might be getting into dry suit territory.

A lot of nice paddling around the Long Lake, Blue Mountain Lake area. Be aware that many things shut down after labor day. Pandemic may make things worse and if traveling from a restricted state be aware of the restrictions. Penalties are serious if rules are not followed.

We had to cancel our 16th year group gathering…

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