Odd Deck Recesses in an Old Eddyline

I just bought an Eddyline Falcon 18, 2000 build in Kevlar. Sort of a “barn find” except it’s been hanging in a garage. The last Ohio registration sticker is from 2003 and the thickness of the dust on it made it look like it’s been hanging there since.

It has these odd, shallow grooves crossing the hull just inboard from the bow and stern. Similar to the paddle groove you sometimes see behind the cockpit, but shallower and only a few inches in from the bow and stern. And there’s a piece of self-stick Velcro in each with a mating piece of Vecro stuck to it (that might have been added by the kayak’s previous owner).

Does anyone know the purpose of these grooves?

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Very cool boat and it looks like it’s in excellent condition. My 2016 Raven has something similar, and they are a rest for the carry handles (slip the handle into the groove and under the perimeter deck lines to hold them in place so they don’t bang around). I imagine that is the case and the velcro was added by the owner as another securing measure.

You can always reach out to Eddyline. They have great customer service!

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These pics show the carry handles in the groove:

Wow, that was a quick solution to the mystery. Thanks! Yes, the boat is in nice shape. Just a few light scratches and zero sun damage. The original hatch covers are still in great shape. It has quite a steep vee to the hull so I expect it will feel pretty “lively”.