Odd find didn't know they ever made a kayak.


Odd find didn’t know they aver made a kayak.

Me neither. Of course I’m sure they explored the market like other canoe makers have done. It looks like a possible. Note Lee Moyer has been around a long time, wrote books, wrote articles and had a kayak store. Note “had”. Found the closure notice for the store.


I thought his note about looking forward to being an hourly employee telling of the stresses of being the boss.

Nice read thanks. Me near 65 I know what he means about being an employee. 1975- to near present. Time to relax after ups and downs and at times 90 employees getting big union construction wages.

Looks superficially similar to the slightly shorter, rotomolded Aquaterra Chinook , which is perhaps one of Lee Moyer’s most popular designs, from the mid 80’s.