Odd kayak propulsion on bed sheets and pillowcases

We recently got a sheet and pillowcase set that has kayaks printed on it. Oddly the kayaks appear to use oars rather than paddles. Maybe they’re just odd-looking rowboats.

The Chinese almost got it right…
My race car sheets have funny looking wheels… :sunglasses:


I have used a bed sheet for propulsion as a sail plenty of times. Work good between two canoes.

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Hi, Steve,

Maybe what look like oars are these adaptive kayak paddles…


Artist seeing this thread: “Whoops.”

I read that as “Old kayak propulsion on bed sheets and pillowcases” Figured it would be a pic of an old guy asleep in a PFD


I had considered that - but given that the hundreds of kayaks on the sheet were all that way - I guessed that was not the case (but it is in realm of possibilty).

…also, the websites that I saw for the adaptive paddles show the (two) paddles in-line with each other (when viewed from above)…

Yeah, that’s a high percentage of adaptive paddlers. Maybe the sheet designers were anticipating a new trend: Using oars with kayaks. Why not, eh? People paddle canoes with double blade paddles. :wink:

People paddle canoes with oars too! Google Ice Canoe Races in Quebec. They also wear crampons

Those Ice Cup racers are crazy.

I’ve considered getting a nice sliding seat rowing frame for my Odyssey. I think it would fly with some lightweight oars.


Lol. We tried a tandem sit-on-top last year. No matter how we tried we couldn’t get it to go straight, so I thought what if I tried a canoe paddle while he used the kayak paddle. Too darn funny. It didn’t work either, but my daughter and son-in-law had taken the kids to the park where we put in and couldn’t figure out what we were doing. Anyways we sold the tandem and I got my new dagger.

I saw these sheets as well and ordered them right away for my guess room! It will be a test of all future guests.

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My wife likes the pattern but that she’s not happy with the quality/price.

I missed that. Interesting idea! If you do that let me know! We have an Odyssey and …hmmm