Odds of finding a Blackhawk Ariel

I sure would like to find a Blackhawk Ariel, or a Curtis Nomad. Maybe a Pat Moore boat. I see old, interesting boats from time to time, but not ones that are good for me at 195 pounds. Would appreciate feedback.

No idea where you live but both show up sometimes for sale at the Western Pennsylvania Solo Canoe Rendezvous the first weekend in June.

Kayakmedic, I’m originally from the East but live in Idaho. Freestyle canoeing is not, nor has it ever been, a thing here. But there is good paddling of all kinds. I once had a Curtis Vagabond that I loved, but sold in a period of self doubt. But it’s the Moore Proem and a Blackhawk canoe that I paddled many years ago that are burned into my tiny brain. I’m seeking a canoe now but it is tough with so little to try out. That’s why I’m asking around and just may go to PA, which would give me a chance to visit some rapidly aging family in WV. Thanks for the response. I appreciate the help. I certainly need some.

There is one for sale on the classified ads here.

I think that’s the OP’s “Canoe wanted” ad, not a Blackhawk for sale.

I confess that I find the format of the P.com want ads to be “wanting”. Unless I am missing something, I can’t tell if there is a date stamp on them, which is a handy thing to know. And no matter which category I select, what gets sorted into the request is always a mix of different ads which have no bearing on what I am looking for. I recall the original format was much more user friendly. Yeah, I know, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but now that the Folding Kayaks board has vanished, the options for buying and selling the kinds of boats that I tend to favor are vanishing.

I’ll second the suggestion to attend the Western PA canoe rendezvous. Nice people, plenty of boats to try right on the water, cool activities and socializing at a very nice wooded campground.

And only a few miles from sprawling Lake Arthur, one of my favorite local day paddling destinations. Well worth the trip.

I’m getting old. I don’t even know what a folding kayak is. I don’t understand music with no melody. Lots of stuff is confusing me. I want to get back on the water. I’ve got local spots where I could get to quick for some “messin’ round the millpond” paddling. I’ve got trip potential on the bigger mountain lakes in central Idaho, like Redfish, or Stanley. Even some nice flat or class II or so rivers, such as the Salmon or Payette. I’m reading about some of the modern boats, Argosy, Esquif Echo, and Keewaydin 15 that I would love to try. Open to all suggestions.

Wrong model… to the OP you will fit a wide range of canoes admirably… Even a 14 foot one. Don’t go to 13 feet.

That other Blackhawk would do you just fine. Going to LA?( the state)

this spec sheet indicates the zephyr is in the 14 ft range and the ariel 15 ft. Looking at the paddler weight ranges, I’m thinking the zephyr is too small. Especially if I have to go to LA to find out. If it was right for me, I’d go get it somehow. When i had my vagabond, someone went paddling with me that had a proem-looking blackhawk. I had a negative thought in my head, since it was the blackhawk version, not a Pat Moore boat. I changed my mind when I got in and leaned it over on it’s side. It was sweet. I still want one.

That is 190 plus 70 lbs of gear. That is gear for a multiweek trip… so its 260 optimum… No one is going to tell you how you feel. Some small paddlers go for huge boats for psychological reasons. I remember Tom Mac Kenzie who was over 6 feet paddling an eleven foot solo flatwater boat DY designed for him; for kids! So it can go the other way.

In dedicated solos reach and height matter over weight.

The “proem,-looking boat” you tried and liked was probably a covenant. You might try Emailing Carl’s Paddlin in Lone Rock Wisconsin. He usually has a few used Blackhawks on hand, though he asks a good price for them and its a long way from where you are. A private message through this board to gitchellbob might be worth a try also. He usually has quite a few Blackhawks hanging around his place and likes to horse trade.
I think you’re right that the zephyr is a bit small for you - its ideal for ladies and has freestyle potential in the right hands, but if you ever plan to carry anything at all, the ariel would be the better option, IMHO.

Yes, you have to call Carl. His used canoe inventory is incredible. He has Blackhawks and Pat Moore canoes (even one prototype as I recall) and other vintage boats. His used boat prices can be steep.

Ah, Redfish Lake…spectacular place. I camped and hiked there for week many moons ago with a Boise friend. You do have some great waters nearby.

By the way, folding kayaks (and canoes) have been around for over 100 years (predating modern plastic and fiberglass boats). And one reason some of us elderly paddlers like them is because they tend to weigh half what a hardshell boat does. And they can be used in whitewater. Not that you need to become more “confused” about choices but both Ally and Pakboat make folding canoes in a range of sizes and hull designs.

They look pretty sweet. Plastic boats and inflatables are the thing here. I’m too hard-headed to get over my disdain for a plastic boat.