Ode ta an old Old Town W/C canoe

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Wha Ho, Pilgrims

My... wat a wonderful sight it be, de RAYS of sunlight glistenin' off de freshly varnished decks of an old TOWN wood canvas canoo. For those dat appreciate de sight of RAYS of sunlight shimmering off yer old TOWN ah' recommend some good marine varnish. A good source is located in south-central Pennsylvania.

Fat Elmo

You sly dog!

Old Town
Nothing against Old Town, but I don’t think I’m going to be selling/trading/giving away my 1965, red, Chestnut Pal anytime soon. Matter of fact, I know I’m not. A lot of other boats will be “moved” before the Chestnut.


Perhaps as a Duckhead he’s…
a clever coot, Jim. At least, in certain old towns where he sheds his rays of light.

I’d suspect thebob’s Chestnut Pal is a beauty!

Elmo’s Chestnut Prospector sure was to behold!

Ahhh, the well varnished rib, how it’s well-clothed skin glides over choppiest of din.

Tis a hope I harbor for an ole OTCA I sometimes gaze out upon. She ain’t splinters yet, Douglas!


That’s beautiful, Fat Elmo
…music to the ears!

I hope to see those Rays of light, too, on that Old Town, very soon.

Beautiful canoe
There’s a Famous Rays Pizza shop in my Town.


Get 'er done
I said it before, I’ll say it again. Let’s get 'er done.

Just finishing up a 1929 Old Town AA Grade OTCA for the COO of my company…job security don’t ya know…(at least I tell myself that)

Do you have a pic?
If you do, could you post it?

Inspiration for canoeswithduckheads
Here’s the 1929 OTCA Project to entice canoeswithduckheads to tackle the OTCA. I’m in the process of painting now - primer coats. The original color was dark red and I have some special mixed Kirby’s that will go on soon. I hope to relaunch in a couple of weeks.

1929 Old Town OTCA AA Grade 17 footer.


Labor of love
Great pics – how long did this take you?

Time - that depends. I do it as a hobby in my “spare” time. I’ve never really kept track.

This canoe was in very good shape and basically it was just a recanvas job. You can canvas and fill a canoe on a Sunday. The filler takes about 4 to six weeks to dry.

I spent a lot of time sanding varnish and paint. I do most of it by hand, because I’ve never found a power tool that I was happy with.

I’m guessing about 20 hours in a basic recanvas/refinish job and maybe 40 to 60 or more if more substantial work is needed.

Fat Elmo. Leave it to you to love those hard to work on wood/canvas canoes. yeah yeah, the RAYS blah blah blah. I’ve been wanting to paddle wit’ ya’ a couple times down your way ya’ know, but you’re always too busy wit’ varnishing. Gotta’ stick to your basic royalex, no maintenance, ya’ might say a LACKAWAXEN is involved ;-). Maybe next time.

Life is too short…

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to paddle ugly, hogbacked, petrochemical, milk jugs that happen to have a shape remotely like a real canoe.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.


way I see it…
You paddle yur’ beautiful w/c next to me, and I’ll get to say “ooohhhh, wat’ a beautiful canoe, what a pretty day, man everything is beeyootiful, oh look, a RAINBOW!” while you’ll be paddling along saying “dang, worlds going to hell, blasted plastic, krylon infested piece o’ crap, everywhere I look, plastic crap and BLACK FLIES.”