Odyssey 14 vs Odyssey 15

For those of you who have paddled either of both of these boats, how do they compare in performance in regards to each other. While its obvious that the 14 will be slower and more “playful” and the 15 will track better and carry a greater load, I’m wondering if they share more or less of the same general paddling characteristics.

Limited Time in Both

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Only Paddled TheBob's Odyssey 14 until I put a dent in it, a few hundred yards. A power stroke and it spun like a top. A bit less initial stability than the Mohawk Solo 14. Paddled a few miles in an Odyssey 15. IMHO It would turn well enough for Ozark streams, though NOTHING like it's foot shorter cousin. It seemed to have substantially more inital stability and tracking. Decent glide, but nothing to write home about. It would be a decent boat for flat rivers with a little turning now and then, but little in the way of fast maneuvering. And I wouldn't consider it for lake travel, just too many better composite hulls to choose. If you've ever paddled the Wisconsin River, this would be the type of river for the Odyssey 15. The Odyssey 14 would be twisty, turny class I-II rivers. You might e-mail Bob, I've PADDLED both, he's OWNED both. WW

Have owned 3 Mohawks
Have owned, and paddled a Mohawk Odyssey 15.

Currently own a Mohawk Odyssey 14, and a Mohawk Solo 14.

Specifically; what do you want to know? If you are thinking about buying either an Odyssey 14 or 15, where & how are you planning on using them?


It will be

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more of my muck around boat and solo tripper for 1-3 nights jaunts. I have my Probe for ww, My Esquif Canyon for my tandem ww tripping and now I'm in the market for a solo tripper on a limited budget. My primary waters for this boat will slow rivers, occasional class I/II ww and perhaps a lake here and there. I'm a big guy and weigh about 235.

Right now I'm considering the Odyessy 14 or 15, Wenonah Rendezvous and the Supernova. The best bang for the buck is obviously the Mohawk and I've been nothing but happy with my Probe and the support I've received from Mohawk. Right now I'm trying to determine if the 14 or 15 best meets my needs and volume requirements.

Like I said above, budget is tight and I'm hoping to find used. If money wasn't an object I'd be going after an SRT, the sweetest boat I've ever paddled.

Odyssey 14
I own an Odyssey 14, and I have used it for exactly what you’re talking about. It has worked great for me, but I’ll use my Penobscot 16 solo for trips with a lot of flatwater. The 14 is a little slow. I personally think the 14 is a great boat for the money.

Oh, BTW I’m a larger guy, 6’2" 230, and the 14 has plenty of room and capacity for what you’re looking for. I can’t give you any comparisons to the 15 because I’ve never paddled one, sorry.

Based on …
Based on your description of how you would be using the canoe; I would, without doubt, choose the Odyssey 14.

The Odyssey 15 might track a “little” better, but I would take the better manueverability of the 14 over whatever speed you “might” gain in a 15.

Frankly, I don’t think a 15 is going to take off down stream & leave a 14, if the 14 has an adept paddler. Neither of them are even remotely fast in my opinion.

I’m 6’4" and about 195 pounds; either boat can carry my weight, and more gear than I could ever use on a multi night trip. For day trips, with a very light load; the 14 will be a lot more fun if you like to play around on the river. I do.

For what it’s worth; wouldn’t trade my MR Guide (not a new one), for a hundred dollars and my choice of a new Odyssey 14 or 15.

Have never paddled an SRT; sure would like too.

Test paddle both Mohawks if you can!


question I keep asking myself is what will the majority of my use be for the boat. As romantic as it sounds to say that I’ll be taking week+ trips in Quebec or New Brunswick that reality is that I won’t be. I’ll be clicking off miles on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail a weekend at a time and playing around on my local rivers in southern/central nh.

In the greater new england area, you don’t see to many people paddling mohawks so I just don’t get the opportunity to see Odysseys. I tell you though, I’ve paddled the Guide and its a nice boat…I wouldn’t mind seeing a used one somewhere b/c I’m not apt to buy new from Mad River.

I tell you Bob, try paddling an SRT and you too will be lusting for sure.

Odyssey 14 vs MR Guide
As you might know, Pamskee nad I have Mohawk Odyssey 14’s.

I’m relatively new to solo paddling; we took some pool classes and on the river classes with our club early this year, and paddled quite a bit this year.

I have little experience with other solos, but I can say that the Odyssey has been a good, fun to paddle boat on up to class II rivers in Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan.

I find that so far, it turns just as fast as I need it to. It seems to want to stay upright.

It also stays pretty dry inside, except when my brace fails…:slight_smile:

I usually load it up with something like 50-75 pounds of gear, but we do plan to take some multi-day trips in the future; we’ll be spliting our gear between the two boats, and generally travel “heavy”.

I’m 5’8" and 195…it’s comfortable for me, with added kneepads and the available seat adjustment kit. If I got another one I’d get the seat adjustment kit and the portage strap. It’s a nice feature for the short carries between car and river, river and camp, and folds out of the way when not in use.

I strongly suspect it (my Odyssey) is slow compared to the Guide; it’s sometimes hard to keep up with tandems and I’m often tired after a day of paddling with them.

My question is this: is the MR Guide noticeably faster and more maneuverable than the Mohawk?

I’m thinking the Guide is the next boat for me…but every time I see the Odyssey on the sawhorses in the shed, it makes me smile inside, remembering all the fun I have had with it…:slight_smile:


Now the question
is if you had the choice what would you buy? the Rendezvous, the Odyssey or the Supernova, regardless of cost.

I would buy the
Rendezvous. But that’s just because I have one for sale, so I can buy an SRT. :wink:


Supernova, but prefer my Guide.