OEM Double Cab Tacoma Roof Rack Suitability

Until a new camper shell arrives, I am considering an OEM roof rack as a temporary solution to carry our kayaks. My concern is the leverage that their 14’ length may put on the bolts going through the roof. Opinions on whether the rack will or will not be appropriate to use with these boats?

What is the weight rating? The spread on those bars is not materially different than most cars

That is a good question. Some sources say that the rack has a capacity of 100 lbs, but only 75 lbs when installed on a Double Cab. I have not been able to confirm what the actual capacity is…My two 14’ Necky Manitous may be pushing the 100 lb limit.

Another option:
Save on the roof rack and invest in lighter kayaks like a pair of Stellar S14’s. Two would have you right close to that 75lb. Number.

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The only weight rating that matters is what Toyota says

The roof rack is intended only as a temporary solution until a camper shell that I have ordered comes in. With the Covid situation, I have been told that the shell’s delivery may not happen for 10 weeks. Was hoping not to be grounded for that long.

I’m assuming new (or new to you) truck. Since the roof rack is only for ~10 weeks, why don’t you go instead for one of the foam blocks under the boats, web straps through the doors solutions with a front bumper to bow and from stern to bed rope/line to do away with the leverage and through bolts?

I did that for a few trips on my Colorado crew.