OEM Subaru Racks Surfski Solutions

Does anybody know if Thule load stops:


work with OEM Subaru bars? Getting mixed info on whether they would work or not.

Also, has anybody come up with a decent home-grown solution?

Looking to increase the speed of getting the surfski (upside down on pipe insulation on the stock OEM bars) aligned on the car, as well as adding a bit of lateral stability with crosswinds.


seen the thule slipstream?
Thule has a product that extends the horizontal spread between your cradles for really long boats and/or short rooftops. Look up the slipstream, and then if you want it’s pretty easy to come up with a DIY thing that’s similar. www.yostwerks.com has one such DIY carrier pictured under “transport”.

looked at extensions
I looked at extensions at first, but after a couple of seasons, feel that they really aren’t needed.

Just looking for something that mounts directly to the OEM bars, I don’t use cradles.

Just OEM plain bars with pipe cushioning on them.

Problem with the current setup is that it takes a minute or two to make sure the boat is aligned correctly.

thank you nate!
That is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Now to cobble something together that approximates the slipstream at a better price.

Check out this rack
I just got a couple and love it. Might not be as fancy as some of the more expesive racks but it’s got an 8’ spread for ski’s and longer boats and uses bungies to strap down. Takes 5 seconds to strap the boat down. It’s amazing. Go to this site

http://keystonekayaks.com/ and look at the for sale link. They are only 150.00 and can mount to factory racks. For what we spend on boats, this is a cheap investment to keep them nice. Good luck Chaz.

and thanks, chaz!
Here’s a link to the product page:


I’m thinking for $150 it would be tough for me to cobble something together and keep that price point (assuming my hourly rate of course:) ).

Anyone else use one of these?

oh nice price
Those do look nice.

here’s how I currently carry mine:


For $150, might be worth it to just switch methods.

They work great and are super
stable. I’d be scared to death carring my boats on foam pads. They come with bungies, mounting brackets for whatever your mounting it to. My favorite part is the boat sits on 4" wide pads so it’s got alot of support. I have a V10 sport and a V12 that ride nice and tight in them. Good luck. Chaz

Second the Keystone
better known as GoodBoy Products. Thanks Cliffman and Suzie Q! :wink: So Chaz, you did get some. I have a pair on my vehicle-super stable and as Chaz noted, really wide foam carrying cradles. You will get some wind buffeting, but I can’t think of a ‘v’ rack where you won’t. On and off in 45 seconds. Carry my Synergy Lite and my S1-R.

Thanks for the link
V- rack is nice. They also have very nice looking carbon seats for $70 or so. Just what I’ve been thinking of! At that price it almost invalidates my intengion of making a similar one myself…