Off to the Missinaibi

A group of us are off to the Lower Missinaibi soon. We should be launching Sunday. It looks like there is rain that way this week & that’s a good thing as the levels were getting worrisome low. A fire ban is on in the area but the fires seem to be well away. We are down to 7 for the trip as my daughter got beat up flipping the Howler on the Nolichucky last weekend. She is bummed as she was along in 2008 when we went from Hawk Lake to Mattice & has been looking forward to finishing the river. I’ve been adjusting my packing to suit and will be soloing the Rendezvous.

If I remember to push the right buttons you should be able to see where we are from this link. I have stalker mode set to update every 30 minutes.

Have a wonderful time! Will be fun to stalk you!

Take me down memory lane! We did the trip in 1996 at low water and had to exit at Moose River Crossing… the sandstorms were too much!

We will see how it goes. Right now it is lower than when we did the trip in Sept. 2000. We had a Kevlar boat in trouble - Had an incident in Black Feather & was getting worse. We should have taken out at the Crossing but were doing pretty good at the time. Catamaraned up to support the damaged boat & being blown north. Problem was that once the river started shoaling up we couldn’t see the cuts in the bars due the the wind & often found us thigh deep dragging the boats over a bar. Took out on the down wind end of a gravel island, piled rocks in the boats to keep them from blowing away & sat with our backs to the wind. The next day the river was lower so we waded to the mainland & bushwhacked

over to the tracks & waited for the train to come by.

Good luck and enjoy! Such a beautiful place, I hope to be there too!

The North is a thing to be reckoned with. Thanks for TR rival51.