Off-topic: Looking for bicycle trails in Florida for the upcoming winter

I know that most of us are suffering unbearable heat these days, but my wife and I are trying to plan a week to 10 days in Florida this winter and are wondering where the best bicycle trails are. We are looking for trails that are between 20-30 miles long and safe from traffic (if possible). If anyone has any information on this topic we would appreciate it very much.
Enjoy the water while before it turns solid.

Thanks, Dave

Try this,

I like Palatka to Lake Butler (finished to Keystone). Of course that might be because Toms BBQ near the trail at Keystone . Keystone to Lake Butler unknown to me at this time.

Baldwin is 15 miles one way @ Jacksonville.

St Marks trail at Tallahassee ends at St Marks. About same distance.

Hawthorn-Gainsville is about 20 one way. Our Gainesville friends suggest parking at Hawthorne end.

For mountain bike trails see cross Florida green way.

Thanks for the tips.