office fishing tourney on the Allegheny!

… this Friday.

from near Kennderdale to Emlenton. As much as I love to see the rain, I hope it doesn’t muddy the water.

I see Rapala has some new lures out. I think I’ll try a few.

Have fun
But if your usual fishing luck holds up, you probably won’t catch much. What does the winner get?

winner gets our usual wager payoff item
Snickers bars!

I thought your kids ate them!
Hope you have better stuff for the fish.

Love the Alleghenny
I paddle and fish the Alleg. and Yough River year round. It’s been a dry summer for both. I think some offcolor water will turn the fish on and possibly give you a good day of fishing. Have a good one!

Even if you catch nothing a good day on the river is an enjoyable day.