Official 11th annual SBIKR - Lake Erie

We all survived Turkey Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, now how about South Bass Island Kayak Rendezvous Reservation (insert day)?

The ODNR website is open an available to make your reservations for the 11th annual South Bass Island Kayak Rendezvous, June 5-7, 2015. It’s never too late to pick up an early holiday present. You’ll get major bonus points by surprising that “special” someone with camping reservations for Lake Erie’s premier kayak gathering.

You can visit and share with the updated dates and vital information about our rocking weekend. We’re still working on the 11th year t-shirt logo, or maybe you’d all like something else? Hats? Long sleeve shirts? Nose rings? Commemorative spoons?


Official T-shirt Design Released
Loch ness has it’s monster. Lake Champlain has it’s Champ. Lake Erie is home to the Legendary South Bay Bessie. The 11th annual South Bass Island Kayak Rendezvous is proud to pay tribute to one of Lake Erie’s biggest mysteries with our t-shirt design for 2015. Please consider joining us June 5-7 for Lake Erie’s premier kayak gathering at South Bass Island State Park.

Kayaking the lake for as long as I have, Bessie and I have a developed a special relationship. I was just a wee lad the first time I laid eyes on our resident serpent from the deep. As the morning fog lifted from the water in front of grandpa’s summer cottage, I spied Bessie’s head slowly rise in the pre dawn light. Two stories high if she was a foot. Her deep yellow eyes were pools of lifeless gelatin resting above a snout that housed several rows of razor sharp teeth. I was frozen to the beach, knees trembling, just me, Bessie and a half eaten strawberry pop-tart. With a trembling hand, I held out the remains of my breakfast and Bessie leaned forward, close enough to smell her walleye flavored breath. My eyes were closed, but as delicately as she appeared, my pop-tart was gone and a big sloppy kiss was left on my left cheek. To this day I never paddle Lake Erie without strawberry pop-tarts.

This year’s t-shirt design pays tribute to one of the biggest mysteries of Lake Erie, South Bay Bessie. Visit: We are offering two kinds of shirts this year. We are offering the popular poly wicking short sleeve t-shirt like the past couple of years and we are offering it in a long-sleeve cotton t-shirt for camp or those chilly days next winter when everyone is wishing they were paddling. PM me your size (s-xxxl) and shirt type and I’ll have them on the island at the Friday (June 5) pot luck dinner.

See you on the Island!

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Some extra paddling

– Last Updated: Apr-23-15 7:49 PM EST –

Looking for any one interested in doing an early Friday morning paddle from SBI, around Kelleys, to Catawba meeting up with those paddling to the SBIKR about noonish

SBIKR update
It’s only a few short weeks before we’re all gathered at the South Bass Island Kayak Rendezvous, June 5-7 for another great weekend of paddling, socializing, eating and maybe some more paddling. I have a few housekeeping items to share.

I am happy to announce that organizers from the “epic” Paddle Around Lower Michigan will be joining us at the Friday evening pot luck dinner to talk about their amazing endeavor for the summer of 2015. One boat with 1,000 Paddlers will lead a 1,100-Mile Epic relay around Michigan’s to raise awareness and money for the Alliance for the Great Lakes and other local community charities. The past few years SBIKR attendees have been very supportive of philanthropy and we’ll be raffling off items to make a donation to their flagship charity: Alliance for the Great Lakes, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation of our amazing water resource. There is a ton of info and how to sign up to paddle a leg of the relay at: They’ll also be bringing the epic V7 to the pot luck.

Last call for t-shirt orders is May 22. We have another great design by SBIKR attendee Mike Bruggeman. Each year we try to highlight something about the islands or Lake Erie history. This year we’re featuring one of the oldest legends to ply the waters of Lake Erie: South Bay Bessie. Since we first released the shirt design, I’ve made contact with the great beast and she’s eagerly awaiting our arrival. Every major event on the lake has Bessie’s fin print. Some think it’s just a coincidence that the British boats ran into each other during the battle of Lake Erie. Flames on the Cuyahoga River might be a coincidence or a distress signal ignited by Bessie’s own breath, which sparked world-wide conservation conversations. Lastly, Bessie also provided some inspiration for the original SBIKR when she suggested to me that we plan a kayaking event on Lake Erie. Like M&M’s she has an affinity for colorful candies with a crunchy shell and soft middles. Visit to see the latest design and order shirts.

Lastly, if you want to share your campsite or trade campsites, please contact me and I’ll be the hub for open sites. Every year people want to attend but find campsites lacking. I’ll keep a list and connect paddlers.

For more info about the South Bass Island Kayak Rendezvous visit:

Eric Slough,

SBIKR Organizer

great cliff side camp site space availab
I have some premium cliff side camp site space available.

You can let me know if you are interested on my contact page on my web site.

I will bring my kayak sails to the Rendezvous. |

You can stop by and check out our sails at camp site 105.