Ogooué River, Gabon

I am looking for an experienced whitewater expeditionary kayaker to accompany me and one other on a 45 day, 750 mile trip down the Ogooué River of Gabon Africa scheduled for either later this year or 2017. Will be a mix of flatwater and some relativey tame whitewater. Trip will be sponsored by conservation NGO and I will be looking for additional sponsorship. I am an experienced flatwater kayaker, but no whitewater experience. Intention is to portage around serious rapids on this trip. Purpose of trip is to bring attention to this river and country and expedition will be blogged via sat phone. Will have ground team to provide support at several points of trip. What I really need is someone really experienced with expeditionary trips in warm climates who can advise on boats, safety, logistics and can provide some whitewater instruction to me and Gabonse participant. I know the country and parts of the river very well and speak French. French language skills would be very useful, but not necessary.

If I should be posting this query on another forum somewhere, please let me know.

Sounds like quite the adventure, and
quite intriguing. Do you have a website that provides more details about your expedition so that people can understand how much preparation has been done to date? This might help them prepare any responses. Have a safe and successful trip!