Oh, and what about a compact groover?

One approach I’m told western kayakers use is to get a large diameter white plastic plumbing tube, sealed at one end and with a screw top on the other. One dumps on disposable paper, and then poop and paper go in the tube.

For those of you who haven’t heard, BLM says pee in the river, take all feces out with you. Can make for interesting coordination challenges…

Torpedo Toilet
If you don’t have one already, here is a description of how to build.


ANd what is the BLM’s position on Wag Bags?


Torpedo Toilet
I also use a Torpedo Toilet. I have found that it works well. Instead of coffee filters I use half of a newspaper page and fold it up and drop it in. There was an article in some kayak mag. a year or 2 ago that used newspaper and a ziplock. The ziplock does not qualify for some regulations but the torpedo does. I think a newspaper biodegrades faster than a coffee filter would, and has enough stuff to it to allow you to fold it up before dropping in. I carry a double female hose in my truck to clean out at RV stations, then when I get home a little bleach and a toilet bowl brush cleans it out good.


Welding rod case
Home Depot and others carry plastic welding rod cases with a gasketed screw on top. Just pull out the plastic partition in the center and discard it. They work the same as the torpedo toilet but don’t require fabrication, are cheaper, and lighter than a fabricated torpedo toilet. They are a little more difficult to clean out in that only one end opens up but are manageable.

Thanks, Richard, I have a Home Depot
nearby. I expect BLM to be reasonable about my ability to eventually forward the contents to Washington for approval.

KH550 “ROD KEEPER” a bit under 3" ID
Sturdy red plastic, about 15" long, no plastic inside partition, with a belt clip and a little tie eye on top. I bought two for about 24$ including high local sales tax. Might be useful for other waterproof storage needs.