Oh My! What big teeth your have!

Honey and Droot are besties. Not OT ; both are water dogs


Who is the instigator?

Honey taught Droot.
She would knock him down and start the wrestling? but he has learned from her. He’s a year younger.
Now they both play retrieving toys and trying to steal them from each other
until they are exhausted and wind up in a heap at my feet.
Both sleep very soundly all night.
I wish they had met before they were both neutered.

Mission accomplished.

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Ok here is mine

It’s an Italian herding dog my neighbor rescued with my late dog Koa

His name is Pino and he came in to my house and lifted his leg on my big potted plant.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I don’t think he is house dog

All these dogs have testicles around here, the Germans are not that in to neutering :laughing:

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Just takes a little training, like husbands need.
Neither Honey nor I are easily trained but our trainers keep trying. In my case it’s been 53 years and she’s stll trying.

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