Oh River Where Art Thou

I’m dying here ShenandoahRiverRat! I’ve got ten days off between Christmas and New Years. The temps have been awesome. The river’s been well behaved. I’ve got a home project going on, but hopefully my part of it will only take two days then I’ll pay pros to do the rest. So are we going to try and recreate the New Year’s Eve Shenandoah River Casting and Icebreaking Ceremony or what? (I call it casting because two fish between four guys can hardly be called fishing even by my ridiculously low standards.)

Heck, I’ll even row and let you take front if you want to take my barge!

If I don’t get some river time soon, I think my head might explode. I haven’t been on the river since taking those musicians out in October (or was it September… - my mind has turned to oatmeal already - hurry - it may already be too late).

  • Big D

December Trips
I’ve made it out to local creeks three times so far this month Big D and had the same results each time - skunked… At least it was nice to get out on the water. Buzz Cat and I are planning on heading to the New next Tuesday and see if the WV smallies want to cooperate.

You suck

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- Big D

p.s. I've got an agreement from someone (someone you know who looks like a pirate and has an affinity for blackberries) to buy my Diesel. I'm planning to get an Approach as soon as I have the cash in hand. Love that boat.

d !!
i haven’t been out since early sept! i’m usually good for several trips a month , as you know. i ain’t shedden a tear for you derick…mikey

Ahhhh. You suck too.
I don’t know why, but I’ll make up a reason soon enough. Get your shoulder fixed and lets go have some fun. I want to test that Mambo of yours one of these days.

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