Oh, that's Vile!

Ok, some actual advice here on the advice forum.

If, in mid January, you discover that you still have a tupperware container of gravy leftover from Thanksgiving

do not, under any circumstances, open the container.

Thanksgiving… What year?


When did we have Sauerkraut?
Well whatever that stuff was… it’s Sauerkraut by now.

(From Cleaning the Fridge by the Berrymans.)

Interesting phenomenon
I have a burrito recipe that no matter how long it sits in the fridge, never grows anything visible, and never changes its appearance.

I’ve learned to just eat it the next day so it never sits. If it does, you have no idea how long its been in there.

My wife makes jokes about how its unfit to support life. I think she just doesn’t like cayenne.

Could be meat, could be cake, must be…
meat-cake! (George Carlin)


Funny, I don’t remember ordering a pizza with mushrooms… :stuck_out_tongue:

store it in your day hatch
doubles in the spring as denso tape

oh! now we know…
the source of that gray thing in the bow of a

Pamlico 140 :wink:

Drysuits can double as hazmat suits in a pinch

Wear a surgical mask and walk slooowlllllyyy away from the refrigerator…

Very usefull information to post on a paddling site. Yeah…thanks for that. Yawn

My hubby tells me…
that if yoou leave a head of lettuce in the crisper drawer long enough, it reduces to a small puddle of goo. He says its easier to clean up at that point…

No, I do not want to know how he discovered this fact!


Goo lettuce
I can vouch for that one - having helped to clean up a friend’s apartment, I found exactly the same thing - lettuce reduced to a black goo ( looks a bit like crude oil - possible bio-fuel? ) It was left there by the previous resident.

By the way, I did “open the container” once - an item shoved to the back of the frigde, and forgotten about. GAAAACCCK! I’ll never do that again. I was a bit drunk at the time…

Little-known factoid
Highly spiced food is prevalent in areas of the world that were slow to adopt (or in some cases still haven’t) refrigeration.

The acids in the spices inhibit bacteria growth - hence booyah’s eternal burrito.

The spices also tend to mask the flavor of questionable ingredients.

why not?
I’ve been in enough third-world nations that I cna eat anything!

Besides, dysentary or whatever is a fast way to loose 20 pounds and fit into my wet-suit for winter paddling.

Diaper rash ointment is a must for my emergency kit!


you must be new here

If you want to be the resident forum administrator you have to deal with g2d first…

Yup…I’m new

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New to the site and a.....well....newer paddler in general. I'm a rookie but am starting to like this paddling thing. It's fun.
Good to see such usefull paddling posts on here though such as what to watch out for in your fridge at home....great info!! hahaha

Cheers...Joe O'