Ohio Kayak Registration

I see a lot of kayaks with large numbers and letters on the side. Do I need to put these on my new kayak or is the sticker I got when I registered it? What are the numbers for is it the same numbers on the smaller sticker or something else?

Depends what sticker it is…
If you filled out an alternative registration form for an alternative reg. sticker, you don’t need the letters and numbers. If you did the more inexpensive route and got the State of Ohio sticker, you need the letters and numbers… $25 for the alternative… $18(?) for the others…

That’s what I did…
…and the sticker is inside my cockpit. Sure beats having the big old decals on the outside. Worth the few bucks.

So if I went to gander mountain and paid 25 bucks to register my kayak I don’t need the big letters on the outside and I can put the ugly orange stick on the inside of my blue and white kayak?

Gander Mtn
You would know if it was an alternate registration as you would have received a blue sticker that says Ohio Watercraft with a number on it. As of last year, my Gander Mountain (Twinsburg, OH) didn’t do the alternative registration. The alternative registration could only be done through a DNR Watercraft office or through the mail. It sounds like you have a regular registration and get the pleasure of putting on numbers.

Personally, I like to have the numbers on the bow. It can be a conversation starter when out of state because everyone has a story about someone the know from Ohio.


i was born there
Doublely glad I don’t live there now. Non-motorized boat registration is ridiculous.

Ryan L.

Alternative Registration
Is the Alternative Registration good for 3 years in Ohio?