Ohio river locks

I have section paddled from champaign, IL on the saline ditch, to cave in rock, IL on the Ohio river. I have not hit a lock and dam yet. I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience locking through in a kayak. Do’s and don’ts would be nice. Thank you.

My only experience . . .
. . . is on the Mississippi, about 28 of them. A radio is helpful but not necessary.

Hooboy the worst river experience
I have ever had was locking through Allegheny River Dam 4. The river was virtually in flood, spilling over the dam. The lock was calm but all the waves from the spillover acted as a low head dam and radiated hitting the walls of the lock when the gates opened.

Never again will I do that. I will pay attention to water levels and not assume all will be benign.

Obey the lockmaster. He is in charge. Even if you don’t like the order, he is in charge.