Ohio River (Louisville, KY)

Going to Louisville, KY for the first time ever in July. I see the Ohio River is right there separating KY from Indiana.

Could someone tell me good places to go? Also is it suitable for a sea kayak or are there rapids and rocks more for white water? Any good local outfitters?

Thanks in Advance.

Wish I Could Remember More
It’s been years ago but a buddy and I launched from the Indiana side in Clarksville. There’s a boat launch near the Falls of the Ohio park. You’re near downtown Louisville. If I’m not mistaken you can launch a boat downriver in New Albany near the Sherman Minton bridge. Do some searches on those places and see what comes up.

If the river isn’t up the current shouldn’t be bad.

Well, the river is up
The Ohio at Louisville is fairly high at present. You can certainly paddle on the Ohio, but I wouldn’t plan on paddling upstream, at least not very far, and you have to be carefull about dodging the barge wakes. They are big barges and throw up some big wakes. The river flows east to west and it is wide. If the prevailing wind is from the west, as it usually is, it is going to be in your face. If you choose to paddle the Ohio, I would stay fairly close to the bank, and be prepared to temporarily get off the river if a big barge wake indicates it to be prudent.

The Blue River is a nice river that empties into the Ohio a little downstream from Louisville. It has some Class I rapids. It has good water level right now (I paddled it yesterday). If you are interested, you could google Cave Country Canoes for info regarding access points. It would be suitable for a rec kayak and could be paddled in a sea kayak as long as you don’t mind dealing with a few shallow spots.