Ohio to the Miss

Me and my buddy are going to make a long voyage from a tribute of the ohio to the Ohio river, and then to the Mississippi. We plan on taking out around Memphis TN. Has anyone from this site attempted a similar journey and would anyone like to join us. I plan on documenting the trip. We will live very modestly mostly hunting and fishing for food. Any previous experience on these rivers or advice is welcome.

Barge Wakes
I lived on the Ohio R. for several years. Only piece of info I can provide is to use extreme caution when dealing with barge wakes. They are much more powerful than they appear from shore. More than one paddler has met their demise that way, but if you are comfortable in big open water with large waves you should be fine.

Ohio to Miss
I learned to water ski on the Ohio as a skinny little 9 year old, the barge waves are serious.

When I bought a rec boat late last summer, a guy by the name of John Pugh was winding up a 200 mile trip down the Cape Fear River to Wilmington, NC.

He’s made river trips of over 2,000 miles on the Mississippi.

Great Outdoors Provision Company has a web site with his links…good luck.

taggin along
I might be interested in joining you fellas on the trip depending on when you plan on leaving, for how long and as long as I can get off work… where you guys plan on leaving from and when, along with that for how long do you anticipate the trip to last and what are the plans for getting back??? I live just East of Cincinnati along the Little Miami River…

I hope you are going during hunting season and have proper hunting and fishing tags for each state…

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ive paddled most of the ohio, and all of the miss, and all of the missouri... the wakes are no problem what so ever.. just take them head on. BUT, stay away from "The Devils Backbone!!!!"
the worst wake you will encounter will be from cabin cruisers because their wake waves are spaced so tight together, then from bass boats cause them numbnuts tend to buzz ya at ba//s out full throttle.

i wouldnt recommend carrying a firearm into many different states and poaching which is what youll be doing since most everything is privately owned and there is no provisions to the game laws for paddlers.

do yourself a favor and just pack a lil extra for when you cant catch fish.

best of luck on you journey.. drop me a line if you have any questions i can help with